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For those who already own a pickup truck, adding a camper is a logical step. For those who don't own a truck suitable for a camper, factor anywhere from $15,000 to $55,000 for a new truck, in addition to the camper.

The pickup-camper combo, therefore, is not an especially cheap RV, but it does offer some unique and interesting possibilities. For instance, pickups are available from the factory in four-wheel drive, making them especially suitable for recreation.

Anyone who likes to drive backroads and is interested in remote or primitive campsites should consider a pickup and a camper. The fact that the camper and truck are separate units offers some decided advantages. The camper can be set up on its own jacks at home or at the campsite, freeing the truck for separate use. And the pickup, especially a mini model, makes an excellent second car.

Probably the major drawback of the pickup-and-camper combination is the compressed living space, although most include full containment. But the smaller overall size allows the combo to go places that are sometimes unsuitable for any other type of RV.

Prices for truck campers can range from $6000 to $60,000.

You can search our Truck Camper database and browse the list of campers available from participating RV dealers across Canada.

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