October 1st Update

Posted on Oct 1, 2021

Leisure Time Campers                         SAFETY IS TOP PRIORITY!                                       October 1, 2021

There are just 2 more weekends for the majority of campers as regular season ends Thanksgiving Monday, October 11th. It’s been a good long camping season but as we near the end people are saying it flew by. We started out the camping season honestly not knowing what to expect, covid-19 numbers were high & everyone was stressed. Last year we proved to the government & more importantly to our customers, that we could provide a nice safe place to come relax & have some fun. Again this year we have far exceeded our original goals but this is no time to let your guard down. Please continue to be careful! Visitors must register during office / store hours, no entry outside these hours. We are continuing to limit the number of visitors to 6 /campsite /day & we ask you to please limit the number of people on your campsite so that you can reasonably socially distance from people not in your household. Inside all Leisure Time buildings you must wear a mask. Please follow the government guidelines; they are for everyone’s safety.

Vaccine passports apply to all of Ontario, even at Leisure Time. The only areas where they currently apply for us are the recreation hall & the adult lounge. These are considered inside event spaces, even with the limited numbers we are currently allowing, as a result you must show proof that you are fully vaccinated & ID before you can enter. Please see government posting.  

Back in the 3rd wave of covid-19 I listened to an interview that talked about the different emotions of the waves. The 1st wave the emotion was fear, the 2nd frustration & the 3rd anger. Now we are in the 4th wave I can say that we are seeing all of the above emotions. Please be kind & understanding with our staff, we are trying our best under very difficult circumstances. I unfortunately have had to ask some people to leave; we are also stressed & will not put up with abuse.  

For those that have paid for extended season your season ends 3pm Sunday Oct. 31st. At that time we will be turning off the hydro to perform tree maintenance & hydro upgrades.  The water will be turned off to all campsites at the latest 9am on Oct. 31st. I keep hearing that an early winter is coming & to expect some significant snow before the end of October. Please remember that being a seasonal campground our water system is weather dependant. Water will remain on to at least 1 building right to the end but we may not be able to safely keep it on to the campsites. Four years ago we had a snow storm before the campground closed & we did not get the water system winterized quickly enough. This early freeze resulted in damage to the exposed water lines & tap sets at 36 campsites. We also ended up with burst underground water lines in multiple areas around the campground. We cannot have a repeat of this; we will watch the weather closely, leaving the water on as long as we safely can. Remember the risk of freezing also applies to your trailers. As soon as you are ready to be winterized please let us know. If you leave it until after a freeze up we cannot guarantee there will not be damage to your trailer. 

Leisure Time’s anglers biggest competition this year for fish was a Blue Heron & a family of otters. Our lake was well stocked again this year with approximately 320 adult sized rainbow trout. Our fish supplier was very good to us this year getting us good healthy fish, and big! The fishing has been very good & we want to thank everyone for honouring the 3 fish /site /day rule, leaving enough fish for everyone’s enjoyment. There will be limited access to the campground & No fishing when the campground is closed. 

Friendly Reminders:

  • HYDRO is due OCT 15TH.  Please pay at the store or office, during office hours. 

You can also call with Visa or Mastercard or send E-transfer to ruby@leisuretime.ca if you’re not coming up.


  • Camp store will be closed for the season 5pm Oct. 15th. All visitors must check in during main office hours; Monday to Saturday 9 to 5 and Sunday 11 to 3.
  • Regular season ends Monday Oct 11th.by 5pm. Gate passes will be deactivated.
  • Extended season ends Sunday Oct. 31st. by 3pm. All gates will be locked.
    If you are not sure what you have signed up for please call the office 905.880.4921
  • If you need to access your trailer after your season has ended please check in at office during office hours.


  • WINTERIZING: If you sign up for winterizing make sure to leave us a key and make sure we have free access to the entire trailer and nothing in the tub or sinks or the hallway. Do not block access panel for water heater. Please do not put your slide outs in until after the trailer has been winterized. 


  • Please let us know as soon as you are ready for winterizing. If we get sub zero days there may be damage to your trailer’s plumbing before we get there to perform winterization.  


  • At the end of the season, please put away your water hose & unplug your trailer.
  • Please put away your awning, gazebos & take down your flags.


  • Regular maintenance of your trailer is your responsibility. Please check your sealants regularly.
  • GATE PASS- If you added extra adult this year & paid for gate pass but not renewed for 2022 season or you’re leaving, you must return gate pass at the end of your season.
    If gate pass is not return on time it will be deactivated & no further refund.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the main office 905.880.4921, not the store or staff you see around the campground. All rules are subject to change. If we do not feel people are being responsible & safe we will change the rules on the side of safety.


Thank you for your patience & understanding.
Together we will get through this.
Stay Safe!
The Jay family