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ManufacturerSAFARI CONDO Sleeps4 person(s)
BrandALTO Interior ColorN/A
Model2114 Slide OutsN/A
Stock#6148 Tip OutsN/A
StatusNEW Roof TypeN/A
Exterior Length21.0 ft. LevelingN/A
Vehicle WeightN/A SuspensionN/A

Keeping the same materials and the same large windows as the F17 series, the F21 series offers a more spacious interior and more generous storage. Designed to fit 4 people comfortably, this series includes both King and Queen size beds, larger water and propane tanks, a roomier fridge and a more powerful combined heater/water heater system. The 4-seater front dining area has kept its huge curved window, and remains usable even when the rear bed is deployed. Furthermore, the table can be moved and attached to the side of the trailer to create an exterior dining area.

Fixed Roof :
Its generous interior clearance provides easily accessible ample storage. It comes with a large private shower/toilet cabinet. Using the rear and front curved shape of the R-series roof, the new F21 series retains its aerodynamic properties and remains easily towable by most small SUVs.

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