ManufacturerHAULMARK SleepsN/A
BrandTRANSPORT Interior ColorN/A
ModelTSV716T2 Slide OutsN/A
Stock#29704 Tip OutsN/A
TypeCARGO TRAILER ExteriorWhite
StatusNEW Roof TypeN/A
Exterior Length16.0 ft. LevelingN/A
Vehicle WeightN/A SuspensionN/A

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Rear Ramp Door, Sidewall Flow Thru Vents, Tandem Axle, Flat Roof, V Front, 3.5 Spring Ele Brake Axle, Front Stoneguard, Steel frame, 4 x 5000 lb Square D Rings with Welded Plate, 12 Volt Dome Light, Side Entry door, 12V Surface Mount Switch,
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Gananoque, ON

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