What Makes Airstream Travel Trailers So Unique?

Posted on Dec 21, 2018

Summer is a great time to travel, but choosing the right RV for you can be quite time-consuming. The choice is vast. What model do you go for? While it’s wonderful to travel with your bedroom, kitchen, and toilet in tow, it’s hard to choose between motorhomes and travel trailers. Each has their pros and cons.


If you are looking for something beyond than your typical RV, how about an Airstream travel trailer? You can look out from large windows, enjoy fantastic storage space that is easy to pull behind you, enjoy interiors made of high quality, durable materials that are as functional as they are aesthetic The stylish Airstream travel trailer has been a legendary name for years but even now, they rule the road.


Airstreams are equipped with all the conveniences you could ask for in a home. There is a well-equipped kitchen and bathroom in the tiny space. There are high-end appliances, draw-out beds and tables, single burner stoves, TVs and many other things that you may not even have thought of. The striking, curved exterior is as well thought out as the interiors. Simply put, the Airstream is not just an RV. It is a way of life.


Why are Airstreams Priced So High?

  • One of the concerns with RV enthusiasts is the cost of the Airstream. They don’t come cheap. The main reason is that it is designed with no compromises on quality.

  • The body is lightweight but durable aluminum made from a high quality “aircraft grade” that is insulated. This makes it easier to tow, which also means more fuel efficiency. Aluminum is also expensive.

  • The well constructed inner shell has been painstakingly assembled by hand to ensure perfect sealing and avoid damage.

  • Appliances are hand carried and fitted with care. Interiors are constructed from nothing less than plywood that doesn’t rot easily. This makes the vehicle hold up under all kinds of weather conditions.

  • For some owners, the Airstream is a family heirloom that has lasted for decades. This is the reason why they retain their value over the years.


Luxury comes at a cost. They are not built in cheaper models because they are designed with the highest quality in mind.

History of the Airstream

Airstream was the vision of Wally Byam, the company’s founder, who organized international caravans for its members since 1952. His dream was to allow people to explore the world with all comforts at hand. Airstream owners became a tight-knit community where they shared stories of their adventures and tales of their trailers, often helping each other when required.

The RV was a definition of contemporary luxury rather than country-style comforts. The large windows were designed to give a good glimpse of nature. The breaks, axles, wheels were made to withstand all kinds of weather for discerning, quality conscious travellers.

Over 85 years later, the legendary name now has an inventory that covers not just travel trailers but also touring couches, handcrafted in Jackson Centre, Ohio, where it was born.

The Can-Am Team

At Can Am RV, we know our recreation vehicles because we are enthusiastic users. We are a family business built in 1970 on a 46-year tradition of value, service, and craftsmanship.

Can Am RV was built on a vision of launching an Airstream dealership with expert technicians who are as passionate about the Airstream way of life as the owner, Andy Thomson Sr. Schedule an appointment with our sales team to find the right Airstream trailer that fits into your lifestyle.