Motorhome or Travel Trailer – What’s Right For You?

Posted on Dec 21, 2018

The ongoing debate between motorhomes and travel trailers is attended by the majority of people who plan on investing in recreational vehicles. Motorhomes and travel trailers come with their respective advantages and disadvantages, making the ultimate choice between the two vehicles depend on the buyers’ utilization choices. To assist you in making a choice, we listed a few important factors that outline the distinctions between motorhomes and travel trailers clearly.


The Cost


Class C motorhomes are bound to be more expensive than a travel trailer in similar condition. Generally speaking, travel trailers can be purchased for less, despite factors such as the manufacturing year and the mandatory towing facilities.


The cost of maintenance for Class C motorhomes is usually higher, since you need have both the vehicle units, such as the engine and filters, along with the RV components serviced. The cost is bound to fluctuate, however, the price of maintaining a truck and trailer combo will mostly be lower. Both motorhomes and travel trailers are powered by diesel. Motorhomes can go a longer distance on a gallon of fuel compared to travel trailers.


All vehicles decrease in value once bought and used. Motorhomes and travel trailers will also be sold for a lesser price than their purchase value. The value of travel trailers, however, is less likely to significantly spiral since it’s composition does not consist of an engine, unlike motorhomes.


The Experience


Frequency of Use: Full-time travellers are bound to utilize their investments. However, those who will only be using their recreational vehicles for weekend and annual trips should opt for travel trailers. Motorhomes are a larger investment and it would make you less anxious to see a smaller investment parked in your driveway or garage.


Ease of Driving: Class C motorhomes are more flexible and offer accessible views to assist you in carefully directing your vehicle in tighter spaces. Accomplishing small yet crucial tasks, such as filling up gas and pulling into a driveway are way easier when you’re driving a motorhome, compared to pulling a travel trailer.


Comfort: Using the bathroom, eating and working are all possible while on the road in a Class C motorhome that comes with all the facilities. However, you would have to stop on an on-route to accomplish these tasks while travelling in a trailer. Motorhomes are also very compact and easy to drive for all drivers, allowing all passengers to take turns to ensure you make it to your destination safely.


Living and Storage: Class C motorhomes consist of 150-sq feet of area, that is significantly small compared to a 28-foot travel trailer that boasts 274-sq feet. The choice between the two vehicles depends on your space preferences and the duration of your stay.


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